South by Southwest 2013

I just got back from South by Southwest Music Festival and wanted to share the sketches that did there while listening and watching musicians perform. I was educated as an architect but have spent my career in software development. For fun, I have been keeping sketchbooks for more than 20 years and when I can, I try to capture the energy of musicians while they perform.

  • It takes me from 3-5 minutes to do a drawing of an artist
  • I like using Sharpie Pens – I usually have two, a broad point, and a fine point
  • Faces are difficult for me to draw
  • Vocalists who don’t have an instrument move around too much¬† – much trickier to capture than musicians with instruments who tend to stay relatively still
  • I order my sketchbooks online from an Austin, Texas, based craftsperson, Iona Handcrafted Books
  • I was interviewed by a reporter after doing a sketch.

SxSW Friday Night

3/19/2013 РUpdated interview link to actual video footage.

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